David P. Barnhart telephone call to cellphone (phone number withheld) on 1-26-09

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Sent Monday, January 26, at 10:52 PM
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Lisa, hi, it's your brother, David in Chicago, uh, you need to call me regarding retention of legal counsel.

Uh, there's going to be a, arrest warrant issued for your arrest in the next day or two. So you need to have counsel provided, uh, and reach me or Sarah Gabinet, uh, before we have uh, uh, counsel, uh, or the, uh, police coming to arrest you wherever you are at work or at home.

You've stolen many thousands of dollars from Mom's estate.

You must contact me to keep yourself out of jail, uh, and/or Sarah Gabinet, uh, my estate, uh, counsel, uh, because you've stolen thousands of dollars and you're going to be arrested if you don't make contact.

Uh, if you fail to heed this warning, the sheriff will come and get you.

I'm filing a criminal complaint by Thursday.  This is Monday...  Thursday at the latest is the day your criminal complaint will be filed and you will be picked up within a, a warrant for your arrest.

I suggest you call Sarah Gabinet or have your attorney call me.

If you're not represented, the person who you're represented by when you're arrested will deal with this. And I would not think that's a good idea for you so you better get an attorney, uh, to contact me and/or Sarah Gabinet.

Feel free to call me.  Call me on my cellphone or my home phone as you always have annoyed me and do that any time. Goodbye.