David P. Barnhart telephone calls to 216-791-5706, on 1-26-09


11:08 PM:

Hello Larry, Dave Barnhart calling.  Uh, funny I've received some threatening calls from you. I've reported this to the police and I will be prosecuting you for tormenting me by telephone, a terroristic threat. Good luck to you. Goodbye.

Monday, 11:13 PM:

Hey Larry, Dave Barnhart calling, why don't you give me a call, uh, it's, uh, Monday night, 10:12 my time, 11:12 your time. Why don't you call me and talk to me about stolen property, you mother fucker. Um. You've threatened me on the phone. Uh, I'll give you my full name, my home address, my cellphone number, my office number, my home number. You probably know all that right now. So why don't you call me and talk to me about what you've stolen from my now dead mother. Call me, you mother fucker, any time you want to. I'm at 847-927-3216. Give me a call, asshole, the police might be showing up at your door any moment now. Goodbye.

Monday 11:20 PM:

Hi, Larry, I think this is Mr. Barnhart, who you might know. Uh, you have left threatening messages on my home phone, my office phone, my cellphone. Uh, I've reported this to the police. I'd like to know who you are. I don't think I know you. Uh, so why don't you give me a call at 847-927-3216. That's 847-927-3216. Thank you.