of Lisa M. Barnhart

and Lawrence Leinweber


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Larry and Lisa skating in their wedding attire

Wedding Mass Booklet

Top Ten Things

  1. The weather
  2. The centerpieces on the tables
  3. The wedding party
  4. The service at the hall
  5. The placecards and table signs
  6. The cake
  7. Larry's tux
  8. The food
  9. The music at the church
  10. Lisa's dress

Top Ten Moments

  1. Quiz during the homily
  2. Duane saving the day getting Lisa's medicine from home
  3. Larry pulled by Lisa's train during the Sign of Peace
  4. Flower girl entrance
  5. Bugling outside the church
  6. The Cake Cutting, music: The Blue Danube
  7. Doing the Time Warp
  8. Larry's speech
  9. Lisa going down the aisle
  10. Ice skating

Top Ten Gaffes

  1. Father Snow getting up before the last communion song
  2. Larry putting out his right hand for the ring
  3. Larry leading the conga line
  4. Couples not in the room when their first dance songs were played
  5. Larry throwing the garter, too low
  6. Overheating in too many clothes
  7. Larry's broken boutonnière
  8. Joey meltdown
  9. Guests going through receiving line backwards
  10. Susi crashing on the ice


Map:Wedding Map
Church: Church of the Gesu
Cleveland Skating Club
Flowers: Roses for Weddings
Photographer: Alevtina Photography
DJs: Backstreet
Cake: Casa Dolce
Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse