The Electric HP-25 Calculator Test

Thanks for helping me test my program.

Click here to start the Java applet "HP25b: HP-25 Calculator Simulation (beta)"

...but maybe you ought to read the directions first:

I put the applet on a separate page so you can view these directions in one window and play with the applet in another, or in the unlikely event that loading the applet locks up your computer, you can come back here and report the problem.

Click here to report problems to (Lawrence Leinweber)

Here's what the applet's supposed to do:

Here's what the applet doesn't do:

Here's what to look for:

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Here's the stuff:

The applet per se is public domain, but the code is ugly. I had a peculiar combination of design goals, none of which were making the code instructive, maintainable, expandable, elegant or sexy.

Images are Copyright David G. Hicks, 1995, 1996, and 1997. You may use them for non-commercial purposes as long as they are properly attributed. (Regrettably, portions of the images are my own doing.) The applet has been donated to The Museum of HP Calculators.


On display at the Museum:

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