Larry's Cube Corner
introduces the highly educational
 Hungarian HexaHedron
 not to be confused with the trademarked
 Rubik's Cube

The proprietor humbly presents for your edification software, documentation, and source code of his own making, as well as Mark Longridge's pattern archive in a suitable format.  After an unfortunate series of economic, electronic and legal woes (about which the proprietor does not necessarily seek your sympathy), he wishes to indulge the educational interests of the World, and society as a whole, by providing these things free of charge and without desire of your appreciation for his sacrifice and hours crouched over his monitor.

Rather, this is a celebration of the software that not only will enable you to learn important bits of mathematics, but, in fact, provides the software, itself, to go forth among the people, indeed, to live, to make little children sing and dance in the street, possibly even to experience painful repetitive motion injuries from twisting cube shaped toys, and adults alike, who, if they fail to learn the lessons of mathematics, will most assuredly hurt their wrists as well.  Yes, this is a time to rejoice in our freedom to experience legitimate intellectual discussion, and practice what America and other nations hold sacred: to run programs that teach us the very stuff of figuring out silly little puzzles.

But enough speech-making, it is time to learn and to become educated, to feed one's head, as it were.  Ah, but there are yet sobering legal issues that must be addressed, so please read carefully before you click...

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