Larry's Cerebral Snack Bar
Games and Puzzles to
Feed your Head
(This space intentionally left blank)
Larry Leinweber, Proprietor (seated at right)

“Leinweber is, I concede, a rather unusual person,
perhaps one of the new breed of cyberspace pioneers
who are attracting public attention, and at the same time
— how else can I say it — a bit of a wise guy.”

... Now, The Snacks ...

Would you care to try the Cube?

Some seafood and java, perhaps?

How about this sweet concoction?

Maybe a cool Polar Planimeter Platter?

Ready to Put It All Together?

Tired of getting called Late for Supper?

... Bon Appetit !

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It's safe now to turn off your computer and get a life.
(A satiric upgrade for your \windows\logos.sys bitmap.)