strinS - string of characters


#include <basic/string.h>
#include <basic/type.h>
#include <basic/generic.h>

struct string strinS(n, type, generic)
short n;
int type;
union generic generic;


StrinS allocates and returns a string which consists of n identical characters given by type, generic (see generic(inc)).  If type, generic is a string, the first character is used.  If type, generic is an integer, its value is used and is expected to represent a reasonable ASCII symbol.  If type, generic has any other type, it will be treated as an integer and thus misinterpreted.  If n is zero, the null string is returned. 

This function implements the BASIC STRING$ function. 


string(inc), generic(inc)


Error 5 (Illegal function call) is generated if n is negative or if type, generic is a string and is empty or if type, generic is not a string and its value is negative or greater than 255. 

from The Basmark QuickBASIC Programmerís Manual by Lawrence Leinweber