field - set-up fields of a random file buffer


#include <basic/string.h>

field ( nargs [, str, len ] . . . )
int nargs;
struct string *str . . . ;
short len . . . ;


Field positions a succession of strings pointed to by str with length len in the random buffer of current file (see initio(io)).  The first string starts at the beginning of the buffer and each string after that begins where the preceding string ends.  This function takes a variable number of arguments.  Nargs is number of str, len pairs. 

This function resets the current file. 

This function implements the FIELD statement. 


initio(io), string(inc)


Error 54 (Bad file mode) is generated if the file is not open for random I/O. 

Error 5 (Illegal function call) is generated if len is negative. 

Error 50 (FIELD overflow) is generated if a string field would extend beyond the end of the buffer. 

from The Basmark QuickBASIC Programmerís Manual by Lawrence Leinweber