comndS - get command line arguments


#include <basic/string.h>

extern int Bargc;
extern char **Bargv;

struct string comndS()


ComndS returns a string representation of the command line arguments.  The string consists of the arguments that appeared on the command line when the BASIC program was invoked, excluding the command name itself (argument zero).  The arguments are separated by blanks. 

This function implements the BASIC COMMAND$ function. 


sh(1) in the UNIX Programmerís Manual


Although the UNIX shell (see sh(1)) allows multiple white space characters to appear between arguments on the command line, the number and type of white space characters is not represented to the executing program.  So, regardless of how the white space actually appears on the command line, this function separates each pair of adjacent arguments with exactly one blank. 

from The Basmark QuickBASIC Programmerís Manual by Lawrence Leinweber