rem, í - introduce remarks


rem Remarks
SrcLine í Remarks


Rem and the single quote both serve to introduce remarks in a BASIC source file.  A remark introduced by rem stands as a complete BASIC statement and either occupies its own line or follows another BASIC statement and a colon separator on the same physical line.  A remark introduced by a single quote may follow what would otherwise be a legal BASIC source line, indicated in the SYNOPSIS by SrcLine.  Once introduced, a remark of either type extends to the next end-of-line encountered. 

Rem statements are not executed, but still may be branched to, for example from a goto statement.  Execution continues with the first executable statement after the rem statement. 

There may be no remarks on a data statement line since the rem or single quote introducing the remark would be interpreted as part of the data statement. 

Rem statements are required when using the $include metacommand. 



from The Basmark QuickBASIC Programmerís Manual by Lawrence Leinweber