locate - position the cursor on the screen


locate [Row][, Col]


Locate positions the cursor at the specified screen position.  A missing argument defaults to its current value.  That is, if the row argument is omitted, the cursor is moved to the specified column within the current row. 

The argument Row may be any numeric expression.  Its value gives the row (line) number where the cursor is to be moved.  The argument Col may also be any numeric expression and gives the column number where the cursor is to be moved. 

After a locate statement, any output directed to the screen appears at the cursorís new location. 


The program
	locate 1, 1
moves the cursor to the home position in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 


csrlin, pos


In Basmark QuickBASIC, locate can not be used to alter the characteristics of the cursor, only its position. 

If the environment variable BASECHO is set to a non-null value when a Basmark QuickBASIC program begins executing, the BASIC input/output facility operates differently in order to support half-duplex terminals such as the IBM 3278.  In this modified behavior of the input/output facility, the terminal modes are not altered.  Locate may fail to work properly under some circumstances because of post-processing by the terminal driver. 


If either Row or Col is less than 1, or if Row is greater than the number of rows on the screen, or if Col is greater than the number of columns on the screen, an "Illegal function call" error occurs. 

from The Basmark QuickBASIC Programmerís Manual by Lawrence Leinweber