$dynamic - make arrays dynamic by default


rem $dynamic


The $dynamic metacommand appears in the program as part of a remark, either after the rem keyword or after a single quote.  The appearance of this metacommand implies that an array dimensioned with the dim statement will be dynamic rather than static (see dim).  This implication overrides any previous $static metacommand and may be overridden by a subsequent $static metacommand (see $static). 

If no $dynamic or $static metacommand appears and no other condition implies dynamic, arrays will be static. 


The program
	rem $dynamic
	dim a(5)
	erase a
	dim a(6)
	b(9) = 42
Creates a dynamic array, a, with five elements, erases it and redimensions it with six elements.  Note that the array, b, is a static array despite the $dynamic metacommand because the array is not dimensioned by a dim statement. 


dim, $static

from The Basmark QuickBASIC Programmerís Manual by Lawrence Leinweber